Given that most business matters in a corporation or public body must comply with applicable laws and regulations and often require some form of legal instrument for proper execution, Edilex's mission statement is:

  • to integrate each business process, using a standard designed for such purpose, with the laws and legal instruments relating to that process;
  • to use this "Edilex" standard to develop and offer a variety of products and services to corporations and public bodies in order to help them structure, simplify and protect their business processes.

To fulfill its mission, Edilex:

  • operates a learning centre dedicated to the task of teaching various topics of interest that apply the Edilex standard;
  • offers, in its online store, a complete collection of business agreements and other legal instruments that comply with these standards, which can be purchased individually or through a subscription;
  • offers a web-based solution known as the Corporate Data Book, that uses the Edilex standard for the purposes of document management; and
  • assists corporations and public bodies in the implementation and the subsequent use of the Edilex standard.